Burst of Fire Activation Bot

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Order of Activation for Burst of Fire Activation Bot

For every turn the Burst of Fire activation bot will always activate units in the following order:

  1. Ranking officer
  2. Strongest manned transport left to activate
  3. Strongest plane left to activate
  4. Strongest (armored) fighting vehicle left to activate
  5. Strongest support weapon left to activate
  6. Squad leader
  7. Strongest infantry left to activate

Of course you can skip activations if the given unit is not on the field (anymore).

General notes:

  • Strongest always means the unit left that cost the most points.
    • Cost is calculated vehicles plus crew or cost for infantry soldier plus equipment or cost for support weapon plus crew.
  • Divide the map you are playing on into three flanks that have the same size.
  • For bot attacks (like for any player) the target has to be in line of sight.
  • For attacks the target has to be spotted first (use automatic spot table).
  • Units always use weapons with strongest possibilty of killing/harming the enemy.
    • p.e. tanks will use their machine guns or high explosive rounds fired from their main gun to harm infantry.
    • p.e. tanks will use their armor piercing rounds to fire at enemy tanks.
  • Nearest/Farthest Objective = always choose the objective that qualifies as closest and is fought for the hardest at the moment.
  • Group attack = units attack same target.
  • Individually attack = units have to choose different targets.
  • Double attack = use main weapon (tank gun p.e.) and secondary weapon (hull machine gun p.e.).
  • All units = strongest units in command radius.

Activation Bot for Ranking Officers

General note command radius:

  • All ranking infantry & support officers have a command radius of 40cm / 16 in.
  • All ranking armor officers that command forces without access to radios have a command range of 80 cm / 32 in.
  • All ranking officers with that command forces access to radios have command range over the whole battlefield.
  • Ranking infantry officers may be activated twice per turn.

Activation Bot Ranking Officer Armor & Infantry Doctrine

Activation Bot Ranking Officer Support Doctrine

General notes:

  • All bot support weapons will begin the game in ambush mode.
  • All bot support weapons have to be placed in best cover available at the start of the game.
  • All bot support weapons will not attack and loose their ambush status until the first enemy is in medium range.
    • This also means the Ranking Officer will not be activated until an enemy unit is in medium range.
  • Because of limited movement range and exposure to the enemy bot support weapons will only move by being towed

Flank Bot

Use this bot everytime before you activate single units. This bot will tell you on which flank a unit will be activated. When no unit is left to activate in the flank refresh the bot.

Activation Bot for Planes

Activation Bot for Transports

General note transports:

  • Bot transports start with maximum infantry (always strongest units) loaded.
  • Transports will try to stay out of enemy line of sight as best as possible.
  • After unloading their cargo armed transports will be handled as (armored) fighting vehicles.

Activation Bot (Armored) Fighting Vehicles

Activation Bot Squad Leader

General note squad leader:

  • The radius squad leaders are able to take away suppression in is 20 cm / 8 in.
  • Squad leaders always take away suppression from strongest infantry in range

Activation Bot Infantry