Detachment and unit quality

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Detachment and unit quality

The quality of a detachment and its individual units is determined by the equipment, the quality of command structure, the amount of training the men have received and the experience they may have already gathered in battle.

Three quality levels apply to infantry, support crews, and vehicle crews: conscript, regular, elite. You may use the badges from the print & play set or use colored bases or wrap key rings around the bases to make the different levels of quality visible.

Conscripts are inexperienced troops that come at a low cost and with a -1 penalty on morale rolls and any attack rolls.

Regulars have absolved a sound training and already have gathered some experience in the field and therefore are a bit costlier. They come with no penalties or bonuses on morale and attack rolls.

Elites are the backbone of every force. They are seasoned veterans and the most expensive class you can buy. They come with a +1 bonus on all attack and morale rolls.

Optional Rule: Your units may gather experience on the field of battle and will ascend one quality level for every two kills. Track the kills by using dice, tokens or keeping notes.

Special: Squad Leaders. Before the game you may appoint one soldier to be squad leader. Squad leaders may try to rally two suppressed soldiers per turn in their radius (10 cm / 4 in) by passing a morale check for each soldier to be rallied. To promote a soldier to squad leader is free of any cost. Squad leaders receive an additional +1 to morale and +1 for all attack rolls.

Note: Not all levels are available to every doctrine. Availability is shown in the detachment lists.