Burst of Fire Rules

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Burst of Fire – rules for individual scale World War 2 miniature skirmishes

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On the subpages of this page you will find all the rules you need to play Burst of Fire.

Burst of Fire (formerly known as Assault Tactics) is a tactical wargame with action packed miniature skirmishes on individual level set during World War Two. The goal of Burst of Fire is to create a realistic, tactically challenging, atmospheric and fun gaming experience.

Up to six people can play. Each player will put together a detachment that belongs to an infantry, support or armored doctrine. The shape of the detachement is determined by the doctrine. Detachements may consist of commanding officers, squad leaders, soldiers, support weapons, vehicles and/or planes into battle.

When putting your force together, you have to make multiple decisions: Do I want to have more mobile or static force? Which main and side weapons will my soldiers use? Which additional equipment do they bring to the battlefield? Shall I rely on battle-hardened veterans or rookies that have not seen any action on the field yet? Do I salvage enemy weapons or solely rely on my own?

Units on the field will have to deal with the physical and mental strain of combat situations as well as unforeseen events.

Burst of Fire is heavily inspired by miniature games like Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Warhammer, but also by conflict simulations like Conflict of Heroes and computer games like Company of Heroes and Assault Squad.