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About us / me

Hey there, nice that you have found your way to this website. Actually the “us” is a “me”. My name is Christian, I am in my early 40s and started my own freelance side business working as a print & play wargame and tabletop designer and author. I have two cats and love history as well as gaming, that should be enough to explain logo and name.

This is not driven by a big publishing company, so we/I depend on donations to make the products better and drive them further.

New logo for Tankette Publishing (2021)

The love for historical wargames, be it analogue or digital, has accompanied me for more than three decades. I also collected a masters degree in history somewhere along the way. Last year I started to dive into tabletop systems related to World War 2 with great passion. Now I am on the verge of releasing my own and first rule set / print & play game “Tactical Assault”. The name of Chris & the Tankettes was born on a lovely spring afternoon and sounds a bit like a cheesy band name. I think it is funny. My girlfriend had the idea for the logo: “We have two cats – why don’t you… ?!” Anyways, thank you for being here and taking a peek.

Hope you enjoy! Happy (war)gaming, Chris

About the game(s)

Assault Tactics Core Rules 2.0

Assault Tactics is a printable tabletop system for 1 to 6 players, set during WW2. It combines historical wargaming and fast paced gameplay.

I thought long and hard about the possibilites of making money with this and pitching it to publishers. But making money was never the reason to create this game. It was far more simple: I love games, history and I love being creative. Why not make my own game?

And: The more people that play, the better!! Interacting with a gaming community – that is what will make me happy. And making this available to all people, no matter how big their paycheck may be.

No matter what kind of money you are going to pay in our Shop: you will receive a PDFs containing all the goods you wished for.

With these files you can create your own printable tabletop that fits your kitchen table. If you are playing on a big gaming table with miniatures, I heavily encourage you to do so. That´s the way I am playing and I simply love it!!!

Assault Tactics was released for Download in Q1 2021. Burst of Fire will come next and is essentially Assault Tactics 3.0. But sadly — without the print & play option — it is, at least at this stage, to expensive for me to handle all alone.

After releasing Burst of Fire (sometime in 2022) I will focus on making a Burst of Fire some kind of medieval or futuristic setting. The game mechanics will allow both with some tweaks to made.

Happy wargaming everybody!!