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Burst of Fire / Assault Tactics Lists for the Eastern Front 1941/1942

Happy wargaming day to you all 🙂 Finally, I have been able to edit some of the Burst of Fire lists. We’re starting off with Germans, Soviets and Romanians for Barbarossa. In there you will find tanks, infantry, support weapons, planes and much more to rain destruction upon your opponent. Also, examples on how to…
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Burst of Fire – The Tactical Card Game: Test Print & Play

Happy wargaming day to you all! In the past weeks and months I have been very quiet on this website. And there was a reason for that. I have been contemplating on how to create a card game that will be an ideal entry point to Burst of Fire or an entry point to World…
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Breaking through the enemy lines

Some more game testing for Burst of Fire / Assault Tactivs. My friend Alexander and I played a fictional breakthrough scenario set at the end of Case White in late September 1939. A German armored recon group and a Luftwaffe and artillery support group had to break through the russian and polish lines and rush…
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Burst of Fire cover

Update: Rebrand to Burst of Fire and more

It has been a long time since I have posted. SORRY!!! A lot has happened: job change, more game tests and new troops have been built. Right now I am working on the rulebook. Sadly there won´t be a boardgame because it is just too expensive to produce, store and ship. After all this is…
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How (not) to start a 2-player coop campaign

  How (not) to start a 2-player coop campaign Yesterday, me (Chris) and one of the Tankettes (Alex) started off our first 2 player-coop campaign in Assault Tactics. The dice told us to play the Polish Cavalry doctrine, which is not a bad thing, because it can call in armored support. Also, the first scenario…
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  Dear wargamers, the release day for Assault Tactics has finally come! In this article you will find everything to start playing. Print & play gamers will still have to build their game – but hey, piece of cake! Also, there is a “how to build” for you guys. To keep files at a bearable…
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Preview Assault Tactics Core Rules

Happy new year to all of you! To start off things on the right note, here is a preview on the Assault Tactics core rules. Happy flip through 🙂 Just in case you want to print the preview – PDF: Preview Assault Tactics Core Rules  

A little update and Happy Holidays!

Hey wargamers, release is getting closer!! Currently the core rules “Assault Tactics” and the first supplement “Fall of the White Eagle” are being proofread and the manual will also receive a new layout. There are only minor adjustments left to be made as far as gaming material like counters and terrain goes. Almost all set…
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We will stay independent!

This kind of big announcement right here: The game will stay a 100 percent independent and will be made available for donations. I thought long and hard about the possibilites of making money with this and pitching it to publishers. But making money was never the reason to create this game. It was far more…
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Assault Tactics: Where are we at right now?

A lot of playtesting has happened over the last weeks and rules were tweaked. Also the game layout has been and still has to be redefined. The biggest news: Sadly Tank Encyclopedia is no longer on board and so we are currently overhauling all vehicle and infantry illustrations and counters to avoid copyright infringement. The…
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