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Burst of Fire 2D overlays "Woods, rivers, roads and bridges""

Minor Update: New Bridges and Paved Roads Overlays

Before the easter holidays I began working on the terrain overlays you can use on any battle mat be it one you already own or one you bought from us. I have added paved roads, a wooden bridge and a stone bridge. All overlays can be puzzled together as you like. All the overlays can…
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Burst of Fire 2D overlays "Woods, rivers & roads"

Work in Progress: Battle Mats and 2D Overlays

Commanders! To enhance your general tabletop gaming experience and especially your Burst of Fire experience, we are currently preparing jungle and european themed battle mats and 2D overlays. Here is a look at some of the artworks. Most of them are work in progress.     If you want more hop over to our Facebook…
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New automated playing aids for Burst of Fire

One week of vacation means: Lots of work on the Tankette Publishing website and the game Burst of Fire! 🥸🤩🥳 There is a looooot of dice rolling involved when playing Burst of Fire. And looking up all the effects and consequences is very time consuming. I have never played a game below 3 hours. I…
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Setting up the prints for the Germans and British

Hey chaps and chaperones (is that a thing?), in the last few weeks I have been setting up (test-)prints for my 2D unit token range. Currently done are the Brits and the Fritzes – British and Germans. These will be printed on mousepad material or paperboard. Not sure, yet. The first batch of test prints…
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New Artworks for German Burst of Fire Units

Dear wargamers! Check out some of the awesome artworks for the Burst of Fire 2D tabletop. The units are still missing an adequate basing but that will be part of the battle maps and map editor. There will be eight nations available with 20 units each (for starters) plus two battlemaps (Jungle and european) plus…
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Burst of Fire: Release with 160 units planned

Wargamers! We are planning to release a tactical 2D-tabletop for 1 to 6 players called Burst of Fire. It will be played on individual scale and include a rulebook, maps, additional terrain tiles and 160 units and lists for at least eight nations that fought during World War 2. Currently planned are Germany, Italy, Japan,…
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Burst of Fire / Assault Tactics Lists for the Eastern Front 1941/1942

Happy wargaming day to you all 🙂 Finally, I have been able to edit some of the Burst of Fire lists. We’re starting off with Germans, Soviets and Romanians for Barbarossa. In there you will find tanks, infantry, support weapons, planes and much more to rain destruction upon your opponent. Also, examples on how to…
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Burst of Fire – The Tactical Card Game: Test Print & Play

Happy wargaming day to you all! In the past weeks and months I have been very quiet on this website. And there was a reason for that. I have been contemplating on how to create a card game that will be an ideal entry point to Burst of Fire or an entry point to World…
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Breaking through the enemy lines

Some more game testing for Burst of Fire / Assault Tactivs. My friend Alexander and I played a fictional breakthrough scenario set at the end of Case White in late September 1939. A German armored recon group and a Luftwaffe and artillery support group had to break through the russian and polish lines and rush…
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Burst of Fire cover

Update: Rebrand to Burst of Fire and more

It has been a long time since I have posted. SORRY!!! A lot has happened: job change, more game tests and new troops have been built. Right now I am working on the rulebook. Sadly there won´t be a boardgame because it is just too expensive to produce, store and ship. After all this is…
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