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Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Breaking through the enemy lines

Some more game testing for Burst of Fire / Assault Tactivs. My friend Alexander and I played a fictional breakthrough scenario set at the end of Case White in late September 1939. A German armored recon group and a Luftwaffe and artillery support group had to break through the russian and polish lines and rush…
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How (not) to start a 2-player coop campaign

  How (not) to start a 2-player coop campaign Yesterday, me (Chris) and one of the Tankettes (Alex) started off our first 2 player-coop campaign in Assault Tactics. The dice told us to play the Polish Cavalry doctrine, which is not a bad thing, because it can call in armored support. Also, the first scenario…
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Assault Tactics AAR: Oh where have they gone?

Once again I played some Assault Tactics in solo mode. This time I led a section of Polish cavalry and a deployment of German armor into battle. A (b)lasting experience so to say. The Germans started off with a Panzer 35(t) and 38 (t). Also a Panzer II Ausf├╝hrung A and a Panzerbefehlswagen, a command…
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Assault Tactics: AI over board!

Last game clearly showed: A randomized activation of enemy units in solitary play is a nice gimmick but not really anything desireable. But let’s start at the beginning where most things start. Two weeks ago me and two friends met in order to do a little playtest of Assault Tactics: Fall of the White Eagle.…
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Assault Tactics: First playtest vs. the AI

Assault Tactics is a print & play boardgame and tabletop rule set. The first chapter “Fall of the White Eagle” is set during Case White, the invasion of Poland. In the first playtest I decided to play the Polish and let the AI handle the invaders – which had me surrendered by turn 8. Shame…
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