Combat score

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Combat Score

By killing and forcing enemy units to surrender, you score points on the Combat Score. When the Combat Score reaches its limit, the enemy will withdraw from the field of battle and you have won the game. The default maximum Combat Score is 50. However, this value may be adjusted freely to make the games longer or shorter. Also, some game modes and scenarios might use a different maximum on the Combat Score.

The Combat Score is determined by the cost of the killed unit. The cost can be found in the detachment lists. So, it is one thing to lose a conscript soldier or tank crew worth 1 point and a whole other thing to lose a medium or a heavy tank easily worth 20 plus points.

Be sure to always protect your leaders. Killed ranking officers weigh in with 10 points. Killed squad leaders with 5 points.

Note: Handheld weapons and gear will be left in the field and do not weigh in on the Combat Score. Other players may pick them up and use them.