Combat: Attack roll

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Attack roll

The attack roll uses 4D6 to determine if the enemy unit is hit and, in some cases, how many enemy units are hit (see chapter range matters concerning machineguns and autocannons). The number of the attack roll has to be below the number of the attack value shown on the unit card. Penalties and bonuses are subtracted from or added to the number that is needed on the roll.

Table calculating the attack roll: bonuses and penalties

Situation Bonus (+) added to or penalty (-) subtracted from the needed roll
Elite soldier or crew +1
Squad leader +1
Officer nearby / officer in vehicle +2
Target in medium range +4
Target in close range +8
Conscript level soldier or crew -1
Attacker frightened -1
Cavalry firing from horseback -1
Target in soft cover -1
Attacker injured -2
Target in medium cover -2
Infantry firing from (armored) moving vehicle or horseback -2
Attacker targeted by covering fire -2 (per enemy giving covering fire)
Target in hard cover -3
Target covered by smoke -5