Rules for Miniature Wargaming


To engage in melee presents a higher chance of killing enemy infantry or at least of making enemy units surrender. Infantry units may engage in melee if the target(s) is (are) within a range of 10 cm / 4 in.

Each infantry level and ranking officers have their own melee value.

Table melee values for infantry, crews, squad leaders and officers

Type Roll needed in melee (4D6) Melee bonus
Conscript 15 and below Weapon bonus
Regular 16 and below Weapon bonus
Elite 17 and below Weapon bonus
Squad leader Depends on quality level +1 (plus weapon bonus)
Ranking officer 18 and below Weapon bonus

The melee value is boosted by some main and side weapons. You can identify these weapons by their melee bonuses shown in the doctrine lists or on the weapon counters (see weapon counter on the left). Also, when defending a building, any infantry unit or ranking officer will also get a +1 on their melee value.

To engage in melee the attacker and the attacked player roll 4D6 simultaneously. If the number matches the melee value (+ bonuses / – penalties) the enemy is hit.

Effects of hits in melee

Roll (2D6) Effect Consequence
2,3,4,5,6 Kill
  • Adjust combat score
7,8,9,10,11 Injury
  • Mark unit with injured token
  • Unit will suffer -1 on attack rolls and -2 on morale checks
  • Mark unit with injured token
  • Injury may only be healed b a medic
  • Another injury leads to death