Combat sequence

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Combat sequence

Combat in Burst of Fire is always resolved in multiple steps.

  1. Calculate range band
  2. Spot roll (if needed)
  3. Aim/accuracy roll
  4. Drift roll (if needed)
  5. Calculate attack roll (add/subtract range and level bonus/penalty)
  6. Perform attack roll
  7. Calculate collateral damage and blast radius (if needed)
  8. Perform effect roll
  9. Place effect tokens
  10. Adjust Combat Score (if required)
  11. Perform morale check
  12. Place effect tokens
  13. Adjust Combat Score (if required)

Effects of hits and morale checks are symbolized by the corresponding tokens the player will place next to the unit. Some of the tokens have a permanent character, while some of them only last for a turn. (See Appendix tokens)

Here is a summary of the dice you need to roll during attacks.

Table Dice rolls during combat

Type Dice rolled Note
Spot Roll 1D6 Only needed when target is not in close range or in the open
Accuracy / Aim Roll 4D6 Only needed for artillery or any kind of grenades
Drift Roll 8D6 Only needed for artillery or any kind of grenades
Attack Roll 4D6 Must match or be below attack value of the weapon. Add bonuses. Subtract penalties.
Effect Roll 2D6 Only applies when enemy unit is hit
Morale Check 2D6 Only applies when unit is hit. Must match or be below force morale rating. Add bonuses. Subtract penalties.