Weapons: Firearms and handheld weapons

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Firearms and handheld weapons

Infantry may equip one primary and multiple different side weapons like grenades for example. The main weapons will mainly be used for ranged combat but in some cases may also help with melee.

Primary and side weapons

Primary Weapons Side Weapons
Pistol Pistol
Rifle Knive
Submachine Gun AT Grenade
Light Machinegun Hand Grenade
Sniper Rifle Smoke Grenade
Small Mortar Bazooka and Panzerfaust/-schreck
AT Rifle

While using the side weapon, you can blow up objectives or bust enemy tanks. Side weapons like knives also improve your chances of winning a melee situation.

While side weapons like bayonets may be used multiple times, each grenade and satchel charge can be used only once. Stats for every handheld weapon are shown in the corresponding lists.

When a soldier dies, he will leave his primary and side weapons on the battlefield. Gear may be picked up by friendly or enemy units.