Units: infantry & support crews

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Infantry and support crews

Infantry is available in the levels conscript, regular and elite (see table above). Infantry may be equipped with individual weapons like carbines, light machine guns, and grenades. Infantry is also used to crew support weapons like machine gun emplacements, anti-air guns, or field guns. The number of weapon crew members needed is detailed in the doctrine list or on the unit cards.

Quality Levels of infantry and crews

Depending on the quality level, units receive penalties or bonuses on attacks and morale checks. These penalties and bonuses always count per die rolled. They apply to vehicle crews, support crews, and infantry. Regulars and Elites will receive badges, to show their advanced level.

Optional Rule: Your infantry and crew may gather experience on the field of battle and will ascend one quality level for every two kills. Track the kills by using dice, tokens or keeping notes.

Unit quality

Level Bonus/Penalty Attacks Bonus/Penalty Morale Checks
Conscript -1 -1
Regular 0 0
Elite +1 +1


This infantryman is a conscript. Players do not have to mark conscripts with a badge or token. He will receive a -1 on every attack roll and morale check.

When a support weapon is destroyed, its crew still may engage the enemy. All crew members are equipped with carbines by default but fight at a disadvantage of -2 on every attack roll.