Units: planes

Rules for Miniature Wargaming


There are two types of planes players can use in Assault Tactics: fighters and tactical bombers. Planes sweep the battlefield when attacking. They are placed off-board after having completed their task.

Fighters are armed with multiple machine guns. These planes may be used to attack/ intercept enemy aircraft, strafe infantry, support weapons, and soft skin vehicles. They also may try to suppress enemy armored vehicles.

Polish fighter Pzl P11


Tactical bombers are equipped with machineguns, sometimes autocannons and (multiple) bombs, which have a high explosive and armor-penetrating firepower value. They may be used to attack infantry, support weapons, soft-skin vehicles, and destroy enemy armored vehicles and buildings or fortifications. Tactical bombers may attack one target at a time when using bombs. They also may strafe the enemy with their machine guns like fighter planes do.

German JU87 tactical bomber.