Game mode: capture the enemy commander

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Capture the enemy commander

The highest roll on the D6 determines the attacker in non campaign games

Win conditions attacker: Capture the enemy ranking officer, he is needed alive for a show trial to break the remnants of enemy morale.

Win conditions defender: Keep the ranking officer alive for 5 turns at all cost and make the enemy withdraw because of heavy losses.

How to capture an enemy officer: Ranking officers are captured when the enemy is within 10 cm or 4 inches and there are no friendly units in the same space. When the commander is accidentally killed and not captured, the game is lost to the attacker. (Note: The defender may not kill his own ranking office, that’s cheating and not an option)

Available points:

  • Attacker 150 points
  • Defender 50 points