Game mode: victory zones

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Victory Zones

Win conditions for both teams: Take one ore multiple strategically vital positions to create a foothold in the enemy line. Hold the position for at least one full turn.

Setup: One or more mission objective markers are placed in the middle of the map. The objective(s) may be a bridge, a building, a hill, or something else deemed strategically vital by the high command.

How to capture a victory zone

A zone is captured if one or more soldiers and/or vehicles are in a circle of 10 centimetres (cm) cm) and / 4 inches (in) of the objective. The higher number of soldiers decides which side captures the objective. In this case vehicle crew members are counted as soldiers. Rank and quality of soldiers do not matter in this regard.

Available points:

  • Team A 150 points
  • Team B 150 points