Game mode: delay the enemy advance

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Delay the enemy advance

The highest Roll on the D6 determines the attacker in non campaign games.

Win conditions attacker: Advance fast, keep the enemy from building a cohesive line of defense. Keep vital structures intact. (Bridges, crossroads or buildings, that house important documents and weapon stashes p.e.)

Win conditions defender: On the retreat, destroy all structures that may be deemed vital to the opposition.

How to destroy structures: Structures can be destroyed by being set on fire or blown apart with HE value weapons (flamethrowers, satchel charges, tank guns, AT guns, etc.). See chapter “Take cover” for details on flammable structures. One HE hit will.

Setup note: Objectives are marked with an objective marker. The lowest roll on the dice decides which player or team will be on the retreat.

General note: If there are more than two objectives, you can set a minimum of objectives that have to be captured / destroyed, 2 out of 3 p.e.

Available points:

  • Attacker 150 points
  • Defender 100 points