Burst of Fire Deployment & Detachment Bot

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

These bots will help you deploy enemy troops and to randomize the forces you are going up against. The possibility of detachments you will go against will definitely grow over time. The bot will pick detachments that are in the 150 point range.

Detachment Bot

Nation, Doctrine, Detachment Bot

Deployment Bot

General notes:

  • When deploying a bot detachment deploy in order of listed units
    • except for ranking officers – they will always be placed last. They have to be placed by the human player(s) where they can command the most units.
  • Always look for special deployment rules a detachment has. You can find them in the detachment description.
  • Always refresh this page for every enemy unit you place. (Be sure to write down the enemy detachment first!!)

Flank Deployment