Weapons: support weapons

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Support weapons

This applies to crewed weapons like medium and heavy machine guns, AT & AA guns, and howitzers.

Support weapons may be loaded into (medium and heavy mgs and mortars) or towed by transports (AT guns, AA guns, etc.). As far as realism goes, keep in mind that a motorcycle most likely will not pull a heavy field gun. Also, one horse may tow a light AT gun but not a Flak 36 88mm.

Support weapons may be placed on hills, in buildings, bunkers, and behind sandbags. Additional cover will be dearly needed; otherwise, crews will die fast. AT & AA guns placed in buildings or bunkers may not be moved for the remainder of the game.

In Burst of Fire anti tank guns are regarded as support weapons. This russian AT gun is crewed by elites and will receive a +1 on all attack rolls and morale checks.

Machine guns

Machine guns are a very effective weapon vs. infantry. Multiple enemy units can be hit by a single burst of bullets. However, they do lack accuracy on greater ranges. Light versions of machine guns are carried as main weapons by infantry. Medium and heavy machine guns count as support weapons and have to be crewed accordingly.

British Vickers machine gun.

Field guns / small Howitzers

Howitzers and field guns are effective versus infantry, fortifications and tanks. When firing high explosive rounds, they can hit and harm multiple targets (See blast radius). They may lack accuracy but are able to fire at units that are not in direct line of sight.

US 75mm howitzer.

Light mortars

Light mortars are small artillery pieces best used to eliminate enemy infantry that is not in direct sight or hiding behind open top cover. They count as main weapons, because they can be carried by a single infantry unit. After all, they also have a support weapon character, because they only work properly with a certain number of soldiers assigned to it.

Mortars are cheap to buy but have a minimum range of 50 cm / 20 in. The accuracy of mortars is not very high.

Anti-air (AA) guns

Anti-air guns are the only units that may actively fire at enemy aircraft. They can strike first and intercept enemy planes. Preventing them from strafing or bombing units.

They will use their HE values to shoot at unarmored planes. The AP value is used against armored planes like the soviet IL-2 for example. AA guns may also fire at ground targets and have the ability to harm armored units.

Soviet Truck with fouir mounted Maxim machine guns used for anti air purposes.

Anti-tank (AT) guns

Anti tank guns may fire at ground targets, fortifications, and other buildings. To remain hidden from the enemy, AT guns may be placed on the board in ambush mode. They can only be revealed by infantry entering super close range.Ambushing units may reveal themselves and shoot at the enemy in the same turn. Once AT guns have attacked, they stay exposed to the enemy.

AT gun shields provide soft cover for the crew when being attacked from the front. Taking over enemy weapons and equipment. Every weapon and equipment left behind may be taken over. Enemy crews/soldiers operate scavenged weapons during the same game at a penalty of -1 per attack roll. During campaigns, scavenged weapons may be operated without any penalty after the game they have been scavenged.

British 17 Pounder