Burst of Fire rules for free on this website – soon!

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Burst of Fire rules for free on this website – soon!

Long time no read and we’re definitely sorry for that! But hey, we have been very busy working not only on the artworks for our beautiful World War Two unit tokens but also on the first edition of the Burst of Fire rules. Burst of Fire allows up to six people to play tactical skirmishes set during World War Two with miniatures in scales from 6 to 28mm.

Some Tankette Publishing World War Two Japanes unit tokens on a jungle themed battle mat. The “mat” is actually a fleece blanket. Colors and details look brilliant. Will definitely offer this in our shop.

The rules will be available on this website where we will most likely make an extra section. Oh and also do not forget our automated playing aids. Anyhow, we’re currently working on the layout and section structure for the online rules. They will be completely free to read.

We’re currently working hard to bring you the Burst of Fire rules completely for free to our website.

But we will also offer rulebooks with spiralbindings on demand in our shop. There you will also find two battlemats printed on fleece blankets and for download plus the afore mentioned World War Two tokens.

Lots of work to do, so get back to it!

See you around,


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