New automated playing aids for Burst of Fire

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New automated playing aids for Burst of Fire

One week of vacation means: Lots of work on the Tankette Publishing website and the game Burst of Fire! 🥸🤩🥳 There is a looooot of dice rolling involved when playing Burst of Fire. And looking up all the effects and consequences is very time consuming. I have never played a game below 3 hours.

I have added some automated tables to make the life of players a bit easier. These tables are linked to a Google spreadsheet I have made in the past. Next steps will be an army/detachment builder (this might take a while, up to this point I have collected stats for about 200 units and weapons and hundreds will follow), a movement range calculator and a combat calculator.

But have no fear, I am not trying to squeeze the soul out of tabletop gaming: You will still have to roll for combat, movement and morale checks yourself. And that is still a lot of rolls, haha. Here is a peak at the buttons that are shortcuts to the playing aids I have done so far.

You can find them on the right of your screen of our homepage and in the reconnaissance tab. Hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Chris

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