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Preview Assault Tactics Core Rules

Happy new year to all of you! To start off things on the right note, here is a preview on the Assault Tactics core rules. Happy flip through 🙂 Just in case you want to print the preview – PDF: Preview Assault Tactics Core Rules  

A little update and Happy Holidays!

Hey wargamers, release is getting closer!! Currently the core rules “Assault Tactics” and the first supplement “Fall of the White Eagle” are being proofread and the manual will also receive a new layout. There are only minor adjustments left to be made as far as gaming material like counters and terrain goes. Almost all set…
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We will stay independent!

This kind of big announcement right here: The game will stay a 100 percent independent and will be made available for donations. I thought long and hard about the possibilites of making money with this and pitching it to publishers. But making money was never the reason to create this game. It was far more…
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Assault Tactics: Where are we at right now?

A lot of playtesting has happened over the last weeks and rules were tweaked. Also the game layout has been and still has to be redefined. The biggest news: Sadly Tank Encyclopedia is no longer on board and so we are currently overhauling all vehicle and infantry illustrations and counters to avoid copyright infringement. The…
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Assault Tactics AAR: Oh where have they gone?

Once again I played some Assault Tactics in solo mode. This time I led a section of Polish cavalry and a deployment of German armor into battle. A (b)lasting experience so to say. The Germans started off with a Panzer 35(t) and 38 (t). Also a Panzer II Ausführung A and a Panzerbefehlswagen, a command…
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Assault Tactics: AI over board!

Last game clearly showed: A randomized activation of enemy units in solitary play is a nice gimmick but not really anything desireable. But let’s start at the beginning where most things start. Two weeks ago me and two friends met in order to do a little playtest of Assault Tactics: Fall of the White Eagle.…
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WW2 board- and tabletop gaming with Assault Tactics

An introduction to Assault Tactics: Fall of the White Eagle “This night, for the first time, Polish regular soldiers fired on our territory. Since 5.45 A.M., we have been returning the fire, and from now on bombs will be met by bombs”, Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the German Reich, bellowed at the members of the…
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Assault Tactics: First playtest vs. the AI

Assault Tactics is a print & play boardgame and tabletop rule set. The first chapter “Fall of the White Eagle” is set during Case White, the invasion of Poland. In the first playtest I decided to play the Polish and let the AI handle the invaders – which had me surrendered by turn 8. Shame…
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How to make print & play game counters

Some of you may ask themselves: If i were to download a PDF with many nice counters, how the heck I am supposed to make them into real counters you can move on the gameboard without much fiddling around? First of all buy some sticky label paper or self adhesive photo paper. I use photo…
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Chain of Command boardgame mod

Two years ago I started the Chain of Command Print & Play Boardgame Mod. Why? Because I love this rule set developed by Too Fat Lardies. And as much as I enjoy painting and printing 20mm models I also am very keen on WW2 themed boardgames. So I made the decision to combine both –…
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