Combat: covering fire

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Covering fire

All units and weapons except for artillery pieces and anti tank weapons may opt at the beginning of a turn to give covering fire in order to support friendly troops. Covering fire is possible within the arc of fire of the weapon or unit. Units will perform this duty until the player orders otherwise at the beginning of a turn of his liking. The unit is marked with a „cover fire“ token.

Unlike overwatch covering fire will not be able to hurt enemy units but make it harder for them to hit their target. Attacking units will receive a penalty of -2 on all attack rolls per unit that is giving covering fire. As long as they are in covering fire mode units will automatically spend one action for the maximum number of shots they can fire at the beginning of each turn. Units giving covering fire may not perform any other action for the turn.

Covering fire takes place during the enemy turn. To keep track hit every unit that has actively performed its covering fire duty and spent his maximum number of shots for the turn with a spent marker.