Learn how to play & strategy tips

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Eyes on the victory – take it step by step!

A column of German tanks advancing on the road exposing their left flank. Let’s hope there is no enemy anti tank ambush.

The main goal is to employ a strategy that leads you and your team to victory. You can achieve success by securing vital strategic position(s) on the battlefield or by destroying so many enemy units that the enemy will withdraw from the battlefield.

To create a realistic experience, there is a great variety of rules in Burst of Fire. But do not be afraid rules are completely modular.

Beginners should start by getting used to single game mechanics. Start with a small map and pick five regular soldiers for each side equipped with rifles and grenades. Consult the relevant chapters in the rulebook for moving infantry, small arms fire, and how to throw grenades and build up from there.

After that, you can go with different ranks and ranking officers on the field and maybe bump up the number of soldiers. Finally, you can add morale checks to the mix. The next step uses armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) and anti tank (AT) weapons and figures out the game mechanics for shooting and moving.

Then play with infantry, AFVs, and support weapons at the same time. After that, add planes and random events to the mix. As soon as you have figured out the mechanics on the battlefield, you can dive into the different Doctrines & Detachments. What’s the meaning of the Combat Score? What roles do different scenarios and objectives play? Long story short: the learning curve might be steep but will surely be rewarding.

Strategy tips for all players

The survival of your units and their performance in battle are the keys to victory. The following are a good start:

  • Don’t rely on cheap units only. They will disappear in fire and smoke faster than you might think.
  • Use a combination of weapons, don’t only rely on infantry or armored vehicles.
  • Never leave your soldiers out in the open. Stay in cover as much as possible.
  • Avoid showing side or rear armor to enemy weapons.
  • Tanks should always advance covered by infantry.
  • Use terrain to your advantage. Hills for example are perfect to hide your advance from the enemy and, once climbed, to get a better firing position.
  • Look for key positions on the map. Maybe a stone building that gives your troops good cover from enemy fire.
  • When your infantry is outnumbered, hide, and make the enemy come to you. For positions with at least light cover and good line of sight.
  • Anti tank guns always should enter the field in ambush mode when defending.
  • Use group actions commanded by your ranking officers wisely.
  • Protect your ranking officer at any cost but still, keep him in play.
  • Smoke is always a good idea to conceal your units.

Every single game will add more to this list.