Burst of Fire: win conditions and game modes

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Win conditions

There are three ways to win a game in Burst of Fire:

  • One side has completed the mission objective.
  • One side has pushed the combat score to its limit (default is at 50) and made the enemy withdraw from the battlefield.
  • The maximum number of turns has been reached
    • Default duration of games is 5 turns
    • When the fifth turn ends without one side having completed the mission objective
      • Higher Combat Score will declare the winner.

Game modes

There are nine game modes available. Players can use the modes to create a campaign ladder. This step is detailed in the campaign chapter.

The scenarios represent different situations the command and soldiers face on the battlefield. Ranging from scout missions, that symbolize the start of a conflict, to breakout missions, that usually happen when things clearly spiral to an end.

In some cases these scenarios use specific deployment zones and distribution of points to assemble your forces. Doctrines are detailed in the chapter Doctrines & Detachments.