Machine guns & autocannons

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Machine guns and autocannons in combat

Automatic rifles, submachine guns, light / medium / heavy machine guns and 20 mm cannons may fire twice per turn to simulate their higher rate of fire. Because of the higher rate of fire for machine guns and autocannons lower ranges also come with the possibility of hitting multiple targets.

Table machine guns and autocannons hitting multiple units

Range band Distance Number of units that may be shot at by machine guns per attack Number of units that may be shot at by autocannons per attack
Far More than 100cm /40in 1 1
Medium Less than 100cm / 40in 1D3 1D3
Close Less than 50cm / 20in 1D6 1D3

Additionally machine guns and autocannons have the ability to possibly harm multiple targets per activation. These targets have to be in a radius of 5cm / 2in from the original target. So, the attacker assigns a target. If there are multiple units in said radius around the original target roll 1D6 to see how many units are possibly hit. Each target may only be hit once per activation.

Table machine guns hitting multiple targets

Roll (1D6) Number of targets possibly hit
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6

Table autocannons hitting multiple units

Roll (1D6) Number of targets possibly hit
1,2 1
3,4 2
5,6 3

After the amount of possibly hit units has been determined, the attacker has to perform an attack roll with 2D6 to see if he has hit said units. Hit units have to roll 2D6 for effect and another 2D6 to pass a morale check.

Note: Also respect the blast radius of HE shells fired by autocannons. Each hit has a blast radius of 5cm / 2in. All units in this radius also have to check if hit. To do so the attacker has to perform an attack roll for each unit in the blast radius, no matter if friend or enemy.