How to hide & ambush

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

How to hide infantry units and officers

The closer the enemy gets, the easier his units can be hit. Infantry and ranking officers may hide behind cover, in woods, houses or even in hills. To do so, they have to spend one action.They are then marked with a hide token. These units may use an action to unhide and another one to shoot.

Hiding infantry cannot actively engage the enemy without unhiding. Also hidden units may only be spotted by units that are in close range.

Special rule: Snipers may ignore hide tokens, spot hiding units also from far and medium range and shoot at them if spotted successfully.

How to ambush enemy units

AT and AA guns may try to ambush enemy units in order to strike first. When in ambush mode, these units may only be revealed and attacked from super close range. They are marked with an ambush token before the game starts. As soon as these units have been activated once they will loose their ambush token.

This anti tank gun is in ambush mode. It may not be spotted by units from far or medium range. As soon as the gun has attacked it will loose the ambush token. It also looses its ambush token when an enemy unit gets in close range.

Note: AT and AA guns may not go on ambush mode during a game.