Game mode: Avoid the pocket

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Avoid the pocket

The highest Roll on the D6 determines the attacker in non campaign games.

Win conditions attacker: The enemy is trying to avoid being surrounded by our troops and has only a small corridor to escape left. Close the gap and do not let more than five enemy units escape through the corridor!

Win conditions defender: Your men are almost encircled by the enemy. To save lives and preserve as many fighting men as possible, escort at least five units to the escape corridor safely.

Deployment note: The attacker deploys along three board edges. The defending units start in the middle of the map.

Setup escape corridor: Roll 3D6 in order to determine the direction of the escape corridor. The escape corridor is located between the deployment zones of the players/teams. As soon as the units reach the board edge within the corridor, they have sucessfully avoided the encirclement.


3,8,12,16,20 = north
5,9,13,17,21 = east
6,10,14,18,22 = south
7,11,15,19,23 = west
24 = reroll

Available points:

  • Attacker 150 points
  • Defender 50 points