Structures & cover catching fire

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Structures & cover catching fire

Structures provide cover but also bear the danger of catching fire. Ever time a structure is shot at with HE shells there is a chance that the structure will burn. When close to or in a structure catching fire, all units hiding in or behind it have to bail and/or pull back at least 10cm / 4in. Units pulling back will lose their actions for the current turn.

When being hit with HE, roll 2D6 to see if the structure catches fire. Every doublet on the dice will set the structure on fire.

Table structures catching fire

Roll to catch fire (2D6) Consequence
Any doublet (1&1, 2&2...) All units in or close to the structure have to bail and/or pull back at least 10 cm / 4 in. These units may not be activated for the turn

Special rule: flamethrowers will set every building/structure on fire with the first blow.

Mark structures that caught fire accordingly. These structures may not be entered.