Burst of Fire: doctrines & detachments

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Doctrines & detachments

Each nation available in Burst of Fire has access to doctrines. Each doctrine fields different detachments and ranking officers. Doctrines and detachments determine the access to weapons, vehicles and sometimes the quality of crews and/or infantry. Also they come with different rules for the deployment of your troops and with different random effect & event cards they can pick from.

There are three main doctrines available:

  • Infantry
  • Armor
  • Support

Detachments represent a specialisation in the three mentioned doctrines. For example, when a player chooses the infantry doctrine, he can choose to operate a regualar infantry detachment, a mechanized infantry detachment or a paratrooper detachment.

Here is an example what the tree for doctrines and detachments can look like:


  • Regular Infantry
  • Motorized Infantry
  • Border Guard
  • Light reconnaissance / cavalry
  • Paratroopers


  • Armored Reconnaissance
  • Armored Group


  • AT & Anti Air Support
  • Artillery & Air Support