Table: high explosive ammo vs. horses

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Table high explosive hits on horses

Roll (2D6) Effect Consequence
2,6 Shell whizzes by, horse panics
  • Immediately perform a double move
  • Roll 8D6 for direction of the double move
  • Horse is spent for the current turn
  • Horse may be activated / manned next turn
3,7,9,11 Horse (and rider) injured
  • Horse (and rider) may be activated / manned next turn but looses half of its mobility
  • Rider suffers a permanent -1 on attacks and a permanent -2 on morale checks
  • A second injury will lead to death horse (and rider)
5,8,10,12 Horse (and rider) dead
  • Rider leaves gear on the field
  • Adjust combat score