Fieldworks and additional cover

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Fieldworks and additional cover

In Burst of Fire, players will be able to buy and set up fieldworks like sandbags, barbed wire, minefields or bunkers before the game. Some fieldworks can also be attributed to a player by drawing a matching Random Event & Effect Card. Fieldworks may not be moved but can be destroyed with high explosive ammo. Fieldworks are mostly used by infantry and support weapon heavy detachments.

When buying fieldworks or drawing a matching Random Event & Effect Card, players may place these fieldworks in a sector of their liking. A sector is 20 x 20 cm, 8 x 8 in long and wide.


Sandbags offer soft cover for infantry, support weapons, and tanks. Attackers suffer a penalty of -1 on every attack roll. HE ammo can destroy these fieldworks. Also, AFVs can overrun the structure and destroy it. When destroyed, sandbags do not offer any kind of cover anymore.


Bunkers are the only “super hard” cover, making every enemy unit attack at -3. Six soldiers or one support weapon plus crew will fit in a bunker. Bunkers can be destroyed by bombs. Also, flamethrowers and grenades will be very effective against soldiers inside.

Tank traps

Tank traps block the advance of any AFV, wheeled support weapon, and soft skin vehicle. Tank traps may not be taken apart by infantry. These fieldworks only can be destroyed by bombs or hit by HE shells bigger than 37 mm caliber.


Mines are not visible on the map but can affect every unit, be it friend or foe. Minefields may not be swept during a game. The sector stays mined no matter what. However, the opponent may mark the mined sector with mine tokens once the first unit has been affected.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire stops infantry, support weapons, wheeled vehicles, and horses from advancing. It may be destroyed by HE shells of at least 37 mm caliber or overrun by tanks.


Craters are not fieldworks, but they offer additional soft cover. Craters are placed after HE shells and bombs were dropped. Blast radius will decide how big the crater is.

Ruins / rubble

May be used not only for cosmetic and atmospheric purposes, ruins of stone buildings offer hard cover, destroyed wooden buildings offer soft cover. The ruin token is placed on the building / structure that has been destroyed.