How to do morale checks

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Morale checks

Flying bullets, explosions, and shrapnel put the psyche under duress. After every firefight, the receiving end of the shot – if alive – has to perform a morale check. The result will put the soldier or crew in a state that will influence the ability to fight. Morale checks are resolved by rolling a 2D6.

Being in cover, out in the open, or injured situations will affect the morale check with either a bonus or a penalty. All bonuses and penalties are added or subtracted from the roll needed. Bonuses and penalties may be accumulated. Bonuses and penalties are detailed in the following table.

Every time a soldier or crew member fails a morale check, roll 2D6 to determine the failed morale check’s effect.

Table calculating morale checks bonuses and penalties morale checks

Situation Bonus (+) added to or penalty (-) subtracted from the needed roll
Elite soldier or crew +1
Squad leader +1
Soldier / crew in soft cover +1
Officer nearby / officer in vehicle +2
Soldier / crew in medium cover +2
Soldier / crew in hard cover +3
Conscript level soldier or crew -1
Soldier / crew had to melee -1
Soldier / crew injured -2
Soldier / crew attacked from behind -2
Soldier / crew shocked -2

Infantry absolve a morale check per soldier. Crews absolve one test per crew member. For soldiers the effects of failed morale checks are handled individually. For crews they are played cumulatetively. So for example, a crew of four has to gather four shock tokens to get the effects of shock in play.