Game setup and turn sequence

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Burst of Fire: how to set up a game and play turns

This chapter will give you a quick overview on how you set up a game and the order in which you should play your turns.

Game setup

  1. Build a map of your liking
  2. Determine cover/movement values of terrain and buildings
  3. Choose scenario & determine your strategic targets
  4. Select nations or roll for random nations
  5. Select Doctrines & Detachments hidden from opposing players
  6. Select the number of available points to build your force
    1. We recommend 100 to 200 points when building your force from scratch
      1. For starters we recommend to choose an example Detachment from the lists.
  7. Draw Random Event & Effect Card(s) – follow instructions detailed on the card
  8. Roll a 2D6 to see in which deployment zone your forces will enter the battlefield. Deploy troops.
  9. Set up your forces by the alternate placing of units. Roll a die, the higher number starts placement.
  10. Promote one of your soldiers to squad leader.
  11. Roll for force morale.

How to play turns

  1. Determine initiative for the turn: Roll 1 D6. The highest number gets to move/attack first.
  2. Activate units in alternating sequence. This goes on until one side does not have any actions left. From that point on, the other side will spend the rest of its actions in sequence.
  3. Remove non-permanent effect tokens before the beginning of every new turn if needed.
  4. Reset Action Counter before the beginning of each turn.
  5. Check Combat Score before each new turn. When the Combat Score is at its maximum (50 by default), the game ends right there.
  6. Check mission objectives according to scenario/game mode description.
  7. When the mission objective is met, the game ends at the end of the opponent’s turn.

Special rules for games with more than 2 players

  • Force composition: You may cut available points for creating your forces in order to make turns faster:
    • 4 players – 100 poinits per player
    • 6 players – 75 points per player
  • Deployment: Teams share a deployment zone. You may divide the deployment zones into flanks, left, right, (and middle if playing 3v3).
  • Combat score: The maximum of 50 points on the combat score to win the game remains the same. Each player contributes to a shared team score.
  • Initiative: Every player rolls a D6 at the beginning of each turn. The highest number starts. The lower numbers follow in line.
  • Unit Activation:
    • Activate units alternately according to initiative
    • You may only command / activate your own units
      • Ranking Officers cannot order actions to units of another friendly player