How to move units

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

How to move units

Units in Burst of Fire move in a variety of ways depending on the unit type – by rolling one or multiple six sided dice or by a default amount of inches / centimeters.  One thing always stays the same though: One move equals one action.

While infantry and support weapons will always move the same (short) distance, vehicles have to roll a specific number of D6. The amount of D6 you have to roll is determined by the speed of the unit and can be found in the army lists.

There are four individual types of movement: by foot, tracked, wheeled, on horseback. For planes, special rules apply. They sweep over the battlefield and always leave it once their task is done. So no need to roll the dice or use a ruler here.

Units and movement

Unit type Range single move Note
Soldiers on foot 10cm / 4in May move at the double.
Soldiers on foot with heavy gear 10cm / 4in May not move at the double
Support weapons 5cm / 2in May not move at the double
Vehicles & Horses 1D6 to 8D6 May move at the double
Vehicles towing support weapons Range cut in half May move at the double. Towing vehicle has to match towed support weapon.
Planes Unlimited range Do not move by rolling D6s but sweep over the battlefield and then stay off board.

Movement on different types of terrain

On the battlefield, your units will encounter different types of terrain. Depending on the individual type of movement (by foot, tracked, wheeled, on horseback), your units will gain bonuses or suffer penalties on their range of movement. Some terrain types may not be entered by specific units at all.

The following table summarizes all types of movement, bonuses and penalties.

Movement and terrain

Type of terrain On foot Wheeled Tracked Horse
Plains no bonus or penalty Abandon lowest die Add highest die Add highest die
Light Woods no bonus or penalty Abandon 2 highest dice Abandon lowest die no bonus or penalty
Dense Woods No double move May not enter May not enter No double move
Hills No double move Abandon 2 highest dice Abandon 2 lowest dice Abandon lowest die
Steep Hills No double move 1D6 per turn 1D6 per turn 1D6 per turn
Crops and rough ground no bonus or penalty Abandon 2 lowest dice Abandon lowest die Abandon lowest die
Cobblestone and paved roads no bonus or penalty Add 2 highest dice Add highest die Add lowest die
Dirt roads no bonus or penalty no bonus or penalty Add lowest die Add lowest die
Rivers Limit speed to 5cm / 2in May not enter May not enter Limit speed to 5cm / 2in

How to cross obstacles with infanry

Sometimes, natural and artificial obstacles have to be crossed during combat – maybe a hedge or a stone wall.

There are three different types of obstacles in Burst of Fire: low obstacles (waist high), medium obstacles (soldier height), tall obstacles (more than a soldier height).

To cross an obstacle, roll a D6. If the test is failed, the infantry unit is spent for the turn and may try agin next turn. If the obstacle is crossed, the unit is also spent for the turn.

Infantry crossing obstacles

Obstacle height Needed roll to pass (1D6)
Small 2,3,4,5,6
Medium 3,4,5,6
High 4,5,6

Note: Soldiers cannot fire their weapon(s) while crossing an obstacle. They may spend an action to cross the obstacle successfully and then fire. They may not fail the attempt and then fire.

How to cross rivers

Infantry and horses may cross rivers without using a bridge or any additional equipment like boats. If they do so, these units may only move at a limited range of  5cm / 2in per turn.

Note: Units crossing rivers will be an easy target for the enemy and will have a negative cover level of -2. (See movement on different types of terrain)

AFVs breaking through obstacles

Armored Fighting vehicles may break through wooden structures and obstacles like walls and hedges.The player has to roll 2D6 to see if the attempt is successful. This is the only action the unit may perform in this turn.

AFVs breaking through obstacles

Obstacle type Needed roll to breakthrough (2D6)
Small (hedges, fences, p.e.) 4 or higher
Medium (breast high stone walls, sheds p.e.) 6 or higher
Big (wooden houses, stone walls taller than a soldiers height p.e.) 8 or higher
Very big (Massive structures like stone houses p.e.) 10 or higher

Freeing stuck AFVs

If the test fails, the unit is stuck and marked with a stuck token.

This Pz38t has got stuck while trying to break through a stone structure.

The crew may try to free the vehicle once per turn. To do so, roll 2D6. When the result shows 6 or lower, the vehicle is released and may move next turn.

Freeing stuck vehicles

Effect Needed roll (2D6) Consequence
Vehicle freed 6 or lower Vehicle may not move. Retry next turn.
Vehicle still stuck 7 or higher Vehicle may move next turn