How to buy units

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Basics: How to buy units with available points

The idea of Burst of Fire is to enable the player to recruit and equip a force that matches his style of play. Every player will receive a certain amount of points before the game starts. With these points the players will buy weapons, vehicles, planes, support weapons, soldiers and vehicles.

The amount of points each player receives depends on the game mode. Players may also agree on an individual amount of points before the game. We kindly suggest 150 to 200 points for each detachment. The parts a detachment may consist of is determined by the doctrine chosen by the players. Currently available are the doctrines “Infantry”, “Armor” and “Support”. Part of these doctrines are numerous detachments, for example cavalry detachments, armored recon detachments or anti-air support detachments.

The cost of equipment and units is determined by the firepower, the experience it brings to the field, the mobility and the number of passengers they may carry (only for transport units). You can find all available units and weapons in the master arsenal lists (LINK).