Combat: How to spot

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

How to spot the enemy

Enemy units that are not in the open or in close range have to be spotted first, before they may be attacked. Generally speaking it is harder to spot infantry than to spot support weapons, vehicles and armored fighting vehicles. The closer the target is the easier it is to spot. Also the lower the cover level is the easier the enemy unit can be spotted.

Table spotting the enemy

Type of cover and range Roll to spot infantry (1D6) Roll to spot vehicles and support weapons
soft/medium 3 and more 2 and more
soft/far 4 and more 3 and more
medium/medium 4 and more 3 and more
medium/far 5 or 6 4 and more
hard/medium 5 or 6 4 and more
hard/far 6 5 or 6

The spot roll is part of the attack action. If the attacker fails to spot the enemy he may not engage the target. The combat sequence is broken up and one action is spent. A successful spot plus firing at the target is also worth one action.