Breaking through the enemy lines

Rules for Miniature Wargaming

Breaking through the enemy lines

Some more game testing for Burst of Fire / Assault Tactivs. My friend Alexander and I played a fictional breakthrough scenario set at the end of Case White in late September 1939. A German armored recon group and a Luftwaffe and artillery support group had to break through the russian and polish lines and rush at least five units to the other side of the table. Of course, the Soviets and the Polish had to try to set up a hastily constructed defense.

The Germans started the game on the wrong foot. My mate drew the card heavy fog and rolled a 6 in the D6. The roll determines the number of rounds the fog will last and games only lasts for five rounds. No airplanes may start in this kind of weather, also all movement by other troops is cut in half. As a consequence the Stuka dive bomber had to stay grounded for the whole game. Bad luck for the attacking forces. A Stuka is worth 25 points. Each of the four parties had a 100 points to spare. Bad luck it seemed. But the weather also made it nearly Impossible to hit and harm enemy units. An SdKfz 251, a damaged 222, a PIID, a motorcycle and one injured soldier on a horse rushed by the enemy’s hastily built defense line. The game ended in turn 3 with a decisive German victory.

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